Production Sound Mixer

2nd Unit Sound Mixer

'Road House' MGM Director Doug Liman
'Emily' Popara / Warner Bros Director Frances O'Connor
'Red Notice' Netflix Director Rawson Marshall Thurber(UK Unit)
'Christmas Number 1' Genesius/Sky Cinema Director Chris Cottam
'The People We Hate at the Wedding' Amazon Studios Director Claire Scanlon
'Creation Stories' Sky Cinema Director Nick Moran, Producer Danny Boyle
'Military Wives' Lionsgate Director Peter Cattaneo
'Mary Poppins Returns' Disney Director Rob Marshall (Additional Photography)
'6 Days' GFC/Icon Director Toa Fraser
'Queen of the Desert' Sierra-Affinity Director Werner Herzog
'Rescue Dawn' MGM Director Werner Herzog
'The Roads Not Taken' Adventure/BFI Director Sally Potter (Daily)
’Fishermans Friends’ Entertainment Films Director Chris Foggin (Daily)
'Salt and Fire' Konstruction/Canana/XLRater Director Werner Herzog
'Chromophobia' Eurocine Director Martha Fiennes
(Additional Photography)

'Will' Moviemax Director Ellen Perry (Daily)
'Madly' CowboyViacom Director Natash Kahn
'Capsule' Ecaveo/4Digital Director Andrew Martin
'Untitled, A Film' Truk Films Director Chris Loizou
'10 Minutes Older - Trumpet' Road Movies/Matador Directors: Aki Kaurismaki, Victor Erice,
Werner Herzog, Jim Jarmush,
Wim Wenders, Spike Lee,
Chen Kaige
(River and Flowers Segment)

'10 Minutes Older - Cello' Road Movies/Matador Directors: Bernardo Bertolucci, Mike Figgis,
Jiri Menzel, Istvan Szabo,
Claire Denis, Volker Schlondorff,
Michael Radford, Jean Luc Goddard
(River Segment)

'War Oratorio' Oxford Director James Kent

Production Sound Mixer - Shorts:

'100 Flowers Hidden Deep' Road Movie/Matador Director Chen Kaige
'A Life Less Ordinary Promo' Lifeless Director Danny Boyle
'I Do' Viacom Director Natasha Kahn

'Pinocchio' Disney Director: Robert Zemeckis
'The Batman' Warner Director: Matt Reeves
(2nd Unit Daily & Playback Mixer)

'Solo' Disney Director: Ron Howard

'Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald' Warner Director: David Yates

'The Foreigner' STX Director: Martin Campbell

'Johnny English 3 Universal Director: David Kerr

'Star Wars: Rogue 1' Disney Director: Gareth Edwards
(2nd Unit Splinter Daily)

'Skyfall' B23/Eon Director Sam Mendes
(Splinter Unit)

'Cinderella' Disney Director: Kenneth Brannagh
(Daily & Playback)

'Rush' Universal Director Ron Howard
'Paddington Bear' Studio Canal Director: Paul King
(Daily & Playback)

'Justice Leaugue' Disney Director: Gareth Edwards
(Additional Photography Daily)

'Dr Strange' Disney Director: Scott Derrickson
(Location ADR Recordist)

'Mowgli' Warner Director: Andy Serkis
'Legend' Anton/Universal Director: Brian Helgeland
'The Iron Lady' Pathe Director:  Phyllida Lloyd
'Suffragette' Ruby/Pathe Director: Sarah Gavron
'Burnt' 3 Arts/The Weinstein Company Director: John Wells
'The Foreigner' STX Director: Martin Campbell
'Hyde Park on Hudson' Daybreak/Focus Director: Roger Michell
(Additional Sound Recordist)

'Mary Magdalene' Universal Director: Garth Davis
(Additional Sound Recordist)

'Bill' Cowboy Films Director: Richard Bracewell

Paul Paragon, AMPS, Production Sound Mixer, Sound Engineer, Sound Supervisor, Auraline Ltd. (c)2015 Paul Paragon